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New Jersey Group Specialists


You can PROFIT in the group market…WITHOUT getting side-tracked into “doing” group.  How?  Partner with a Group Specialist and EARN more, SERVE more, PROTECT more!   Ahhh, success made simple.

Enjoy the confidence of serving your clients by working with a committed group professional who is dedicated to the Employee Benefits market. 


All Group Specialists posted on this site have met the following requirements:


1. They have gotten results! The have produced 50 or more personal sales in 2013.
2. They are group certified and in good standing with their accounts.


Simply call or email a Group Specialist in your area to learn how working together can be fun, rewarding and profitable.



Gerri Burns 908-590-2514

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Walter Poppe
Premier Solutions Intl.

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Rocco Sileo 609-977-4075 email me

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Dr. Darcy Hoffman
John and Darcy Hoffman

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